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Part One: The Dead End That Is Fibromyalgia 

Chapter 1   – Pain From Nowhere: Fibromyalgia is A Failure of Medical Science
Chapter 2   – Three Things We Know About Fibromyalgia
Chapter 3   – Where Everything Went Wrong: The Shocking Truth 

Part Two:  The Key Question of Fibromyalgia Answered 

Chapter 4   – Uncovering The Source of Fibromyalgia Pain: A New Path 

Part Three: The Fibromyalgia Polypain Model Explains Everything 

Chapter 5   – Fibromyalgia Polypain: A Model of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Widespread
                    Pain With Tenderness
Chapter 6   – Fibromyalgia Polypain Management Principles: The Basis of Effective
                    Integrated Treatment 

Part Four: The Fibromyalgia Polypain Wellness Core 9 Step Program 

Chapter 7   – Step 1: Successfully Using Medication to Treat Pain From Where It  
                               Starts In Your Body To Where It Ends In Your Brain
Chapter 8   – Step 2: Why Biomechanics and Posture Affect Pain and How to
                               Optimize Them
Chapter 9   – Step 3: The Real Facts About Weight Management, Pain, and What
                               To Do
Chapter 10 – Step 4: Ergonomics: Understanding How Pain Interacts With The World
                               At Large and WhatTo Do About It
Chapter 11 – Step 5: How Sleep Disturbances Adversely Affect Pain and Effectively
                               Managing Them to Reduce the Hurt
Chapter 12 – Step 6: Psychological Problems Create More Pain: How To Recognize
                               Them and Life Skill Strategies to Alleviate Them
Chapter 13 – Step 7: Sex Reduces Pain: Approaches to Bring Pleasure Back Into
                               Your Life
Chapter 14 – Steps 8 and 9:Injections and Surgery May Sometimes Be Needed 

Part Five: A Unified Understanding of Fibromyalgia Pain 

Chapter 15 – The Fibromyalgia Polypain Network Paradigm Solves The Enigma of

The Missing Pieces of the Fibromyalgia Puzzle - Order Now